Home for me and my family has always been the great and beautiful Pacific Northwest. Being surrounded by all of its beauty is an inspiration to creativity.

My earliest recollection of sewing and quilting are very fond memories of watching my Great Aunt Kathleen (Aunt Kaddy) lower her quilt rack from its resting place on the ceiling by ropes and pulleys down to the middle of the living room where she would sit and stitch, along with memories of waiting for my Grandma to finish the doll clothes she sewed by the millions for me and my sisters (they rarely had buttons because we just wanted to try them on our dolls) and looking at old black and white photos of my sisters and me in our matching Easter & Christmas dresses made by my mom. So grew my love for stitching!!

After getting married in 1976 to my best friend, number one fan and best helper, we headed to Sears to make our first purchase… a Sears Kenmore Sewing Machine. I sewed for hours on that machine making clothes for myself and my children. Once the kids got in school, I started sewing crafts and participated in hundreds of bazaars, stitched samples for a quilt shop, and fell in love with hand dyed wool in a class I took.

With the encouragement and support of my wonderful family, (two married children and 6 grandchildren), I started Wooden Spool Designs in 2001. We are a small home run business with our cup overflowing!! Creating new designs and stitching them continues to be a delight for me and never gets old!!
Wooden Spool Designs
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